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Japanese customers only Newcomers / Free discount available (requires mandatory)

Address 4-25-10 Senboku, Taito-ku, Tokyo 【MAP
Hours 11:00 am 〜 24:00 am
Price 62,000yen / 90min
72,000yen / 120min



Welcome to Yoshihara luxury soap “Eria”

Our shop is a shop of the well-established king group in Yoshihara.
To satisfy our customers from overseas,
Various types of Japanese female companions will respond.
Please come to our shop to make memories in Japan.
I think I will come to Japan again.

◎ About manners to have you spend happily in our shop

・ No woman can be appointed at the time of booking. Please choose when you visit us.
・ The time of reservation date is strictly observant. A cancellation fee may occur if you do not protect it.
-Those who understand Japanese (simple English conversation).
(Individual who can do simple daily conversation in Japanese or English. If you are accompanied by an interpreter, it is OK.)
・ Prohibition of photography by smartphones.
・ The violent acts against women are strictly prohibited.
・ If you do an act that is prohibited in our shop, you will be left immediately.
(We have an explanation from the staff.)
・ In principle, there is no refund for customers who have been banned.

Please follow the above rules and enjoy in a gentle manner.

For more information, please feel free to ask our staff.