Deliheru Tokyo


You can get discount by telling “I saw Tokyo Erotic Guide” for Standard Course 7,000 yen / 60 min!

Region From Shibuya to Tokyo’s 23 Wards
Hours 24H OPEN
Price 13,000 yen / 60 min~
Credit Cards VISA / Master Card / JCB / American Express

◆Call-Girl Tokyo is a call-girl brothel originally started from in Shibuya, now is located in Shinagawa, Ginza, Minato ward, and the 23 wards of Tokyo.

★Our Policy★
The policy of DTG group is;
The store runs every day keeping the percentage of members at over 80 per cent.
The difference between other brothel stores and us is that girl’s quality doesn’t drop off even though it is under cheap price. Even if it’s cheap, it is still high quality. All of our girls having been selected in their job interview to match each price course did realize the merit for customers. No worries when you play with our girls.
As our management policy, ability of staff members at workplace and girls are important. If you should hear any bad service from our staff by telephone, please demand the boss on the telephone.
If you have an idea that you get a bad service on the telephone just because we are staff in a brothel, please utilize the store to forget the bad thing.

◾️Type of Girls◾️
In this brothel, 120 girls or more belong to the store, and there are always 40 girls or more at work.
AV actresses, girls of gorges hostess-bar, magazine models, female office workers, child-like girls, college girls, and high-ranking girls at other brothel store…
We have also prepared girls who work in this industry for the first time. Please enjoy yourself with us.

◾️Call-Girl Tokyo Media Mix = Photo/Diary with Pix/Movie
All the casts update a diary with pix.
They introduce some movies in their diaries, so that they show their photo, diary with pix, and movie in the page. We recommend you checking these before play with a cast.
Nobody has added a correction to the photos. We confidently show customers the photos.
At the end of their movies, you’ll hear their real voice.

◾️A…If you hope a love-hotel to get a break, please tell us once before you enter the room.
◾️B…We have a special service play for you. Our girls have a nail-cutter, so please cut your nails before you play it..
◾️C…After the play, please answer a questionary from us.

★All STAFF and CAST in DTG-Call Girl Tokyo★