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Different types of adult entertainment establishments in Japan

■Escort Services (outcall/escort service/callgirl/DELIHERU)

This is one of the most common services in the sex industry. These services include kissing, oral and hand services, and intercrural sex (non-penetrative sex). This service is a delivery-type brothel where a woman comes to your home, hotel, or any other place you specify.

■Hotel Health

The Services include kissing, oral and hand services, and intercrural sex. There is no delivery to your home or accommodation.
The service is to go to the reception of the store first, and then use the designated hotel.


In principle, it is an establishment where you bathe with a woman and receive relaxing services on a mat or bed using lotion.
This is a store-based service, so you go directly to the store.

■Fashion health(incall)

The service includes kissing, oral and hand services, and intercrural sex. You go directly to the establishment and receive the service in the playroom at the establishment.

■Blowjob bar(Pink salon)

Pink Salon is not a private room, but basically a floor that is not divided into booths.
The woman will give you one-on-one oral and hand service to your lower body.


There are also massage parlors, SM clubs where you can enjoy SM play, image or situation clubs where you can enjoy play in various situations, and date clubs where you can enjoy dating. Although there are rules and regulations that vary from store to store, as a general rule, the practice of penetrative sex is prohibited in Japanese brothels.
Forcing or negotiating with a prostitute will result in fines and penalties, so please follow the rules carefully.

Basic Flow to Use

1. Choosing an Establishment

Once you know what type of service you are looking for, you need to choose an establishment to use. Depending on your budget and preferences, deciding on the genre first will help you choose smoothly.
Another point to keep in mind is where you are going.
Tokyo Erotic Guide allows you to search by genre and by region.

2. Make a reservation at an Establishment

After researching stores and deciding which one you want to use, make a reservation.
Generally speaking, there are three ways to make a reservation: phone, mail form, and SNS.
It’s easy to make a reservation.
All you have to do is answer the questions they ask.
Some stores may not have staff who can speak English, so making a reservation by e-mail or SNS is recommended.

3. Pay the Fee

In establishments such as soapland, fashion health, and pink salons, the fee is generally paid in advance. When you arrive at the salon, pay the fee and wait for the staff or the lady to show you the way. Recently, there are more and more stores that accept credit cards. However, even though credit cards are accepted, some credit card companies may not accept them. If you wish to pay by credit card, make sure to check in advance if your credit card is accepted. Tokyo Erotic Guide shows the available payment methods, so please refer there.

4. Receive the Service

After paying the fee, you will receive the service you have reserved. You don’t need to be any more nervous than you need to be, because they are experts. Follow the rules of the store and have fun.
As a general rule, penetration sex is prohibited in Japan. Negotiating for this type of service is a breach of etiquette, and in some cases, the service may be suspended or you may be banned.
Even if your purpose is to ejaculate, if you are not be able to do so depending on your physical condition or other circumstances, you will not be able to request a refund of your fee unless the store is at fault.


Q. When can I make a reservation?

A. It depends on the establishment, but most establishments make reservations two days in advance, the day before, or on the day.

Q. How can I make a reservation?

A. There are two main ways to make a reservation at most stores: by phone or by e-mail.
On Tokyo Erotic Guide, you can also make reservations through various SNS (LINE, WeChat, etc.) that are available at each store.

Q. Is it okay if I can’t speak Japanese?

A. All the stores listed in the Tokyo Erotic Guide are open to foreign customers, so basically there is no problem. If you are not comfortable with Japanese, it is recommended to make reservations by e-mail or SNS rather than by phone.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. These days, most establishments accept credit card payments.
However, there are some establishments that do not accept credit cards, so please check with the store of your choice to see if your card is accepted.
The Tokyo Erotic Guide has a “Payment” tag on the top page and store pages, so please use it as a reference when choosing a store.
If you contacted us early to make a reservation, please contact us again the day before to confirm.

Q. Are there any additional charges?

A. Depending on the type of business used, if you use OutCall service such as escort service, you may be charged an additional nomination fee and transportation fee, and if you use hotel health, you may be charged an additional hotel usage fee. When you make a reservation, please confirm the total price.

Q. What is a nomination fee?

A. A nomination fee is charged when you choose a girl by looking at her photo and nominate her.
If you don’t want to nominate a girl and leave it to the store, there is no nomination fee.
Some establishments do not charge a nomination fee, so please check the information and fees on the establishment’s page, and confirm the “total fee” when you make a reservation.

Q. What is the difference between a hotel health service and a escort service service?

A. Hotel health has a separate establishment with a receptionist desk
・You can find out the location of the store and the girl on the website
・Go to the reception and choose a girl and make a reservation.
・Move to the hotel.
・The girl comes to your room.
This is the system.

On the other hand, in the case of escort service services, there is no need to go to a store.
The girl will come to you at your convenience and you can receive the service from her without having to meet the clerk face to face.

Q. Can I use the service if I am underage?
A. You can use our service as long as you are over 18 years old and not in high school.

Q. Can I invite more than one person to stay at the same hotel?

A. No, you cannot. If more than one person is staying in one room, whether at a hotel or at home, the service will be cancelled or refused. In principle, the service is one-on-one.
Some stores offer the option of nominating more than one woman, so please use that option.

Q. Should I take a shower before the lady comes?

A. If you are using OutCall service, many stores require you to take a shower with the woman in order to take the service. Even if you have already taken a shower, you will need to take another shower after the woman arrives.

Q. Is it possible to do penetration sex?

A. No. It is against the law to demand, force, or negotiate for money for any reason.
If there is a complaint from a girl, it may be reported to the police station, so please be careful.

Q. Can I exchange my personal contact information?

A. In Japanese brothels, the privacy and safety of women is very important.
It is prohibited to meet or attempt to meet outside of the store, including negotiations to do so.

Q. What are the characteristics of Japanese women?

A. Most Japanese women are very sensitive and gentle. They will welcome you and try to provide you with a warm, happy and wonderful time. Rough behavior or words and deeds will hurt the woman. Be gentle and be a gentleman to them.