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Mention about「Tokyo Erotic Guide」,
Customers using “Kabukicho / Okubo Love Hotel” between OPEN 〜 21:00
[Standard Course] 1,000 yen OFF! 17,000 yen for 60 minutes★
[Gingira course] 2,000 yen off! 20,000 yen for 60 minutes☆

Website https://www.gingira.jp/(Japanese)
Region From Shinjuku
Hours 12:00pm – 6:00am
Price 17,000 JPY / 60 min〜
Credit Cards VISA / Master Card / Diners 

Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan’s No. 1 entertainment district
In this town, a CLUB has appeared majestically that attracts customers with the best production while giving off an overwhelming presence.

At our shop, we set our sights on the image of [men and women meeting in the club scene], and opened our shop with the idea that we would like our customers to play with the feeling of taking home the girl they liked at the club. I was able to do it.

Please imagine it.
You’re on the dance floor of a club that’s buzzing with trendy music, and you’re feeling tipsy and comfortable.
When you turn your gaze to the side, there is a woman you like that you will never meet again.
Perhaps the atmosphere at her club made her feel free, and you and she were lucky enough to hit it off…
Maybe it’s because of the power of her alcohol, but she’s actively moving towards you as she dances.
And two people who leave themselves to comfortable music and space ….
Then suddenly she speaks a word in your ear while the music resounds with a loud sound.
“Hey, I got drunk… Let’s get out together, okay?”
The best situation that came suddenly! !
If you can always experience such an improbable situation full of delusions…
It is exactly “God Advent”.
but! ! ! ! !
GINGIRA☆TOKYO will make that dream come true.

~Fusion of [flashy] x [sexy] x [slut]~
At our store, we call such a woman her Gingira system.
Supple and slender feet
Plump buttocks with elasticity
Plump, marshmallow-like breasts
We have prepared a woman who everyone wants to “take home” with her bodycon style that emphasizes the three major elements.

Another new genre in this sex industry full of many genres.
Please enjoy GINGIRA☆TOKYO, an image club for urban clubs.

We sincerely hope that many customers will continue to use GINGIRA TOKYO for many years to come.

GINGIRA Tokyo staff