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Mention about 「Tokyo Erotic Guide」,
For first-time customers, the enrollment fee (2,000 yen) and travel expenses within Tokyo’s 23 wards (up to 4,000 yen) are free.

Website https://www.gingira.jp/(Japanese)
Region From Shinjuku
Hours 9:00am – 7:00am
Price 17,000 JPY / 60 min〜
Credit Cards VISA / Master Card / Diners 

Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan’s largest entertainment district
In this famous area, a club with an overwhelming presence that attracts customers with the best performance has appeared in a grand manner.
Its name is… GINGIRA☆TOKYO

We have decided to open this club with the aim of creating an image of “men and women meeting in a club scene”, and hope that our customers feel as if they were taking home a woman of their choice whom they met at a club.

Please imagine this.
You are on the dance floor of a club, dancing to the latest music, feeling tipsy and comfortable.
When you look beside you, there you see a woman you will never meet again, a woman of your liking.
Perhaps the atmosphere of the club has liberated her, or perhaps you and she have luckily hit it off….
Perhaps it’s the power of alcohol, but she dances aggressively with you, leaning in close to you.
Then, you both lose yourself in the comfortable music and lively space….
Then, suddenly, she says something in your ear while the loud music echoes.
“Hey, I’m getting drunk…. Let’s get out of here, just the two of us.”
The best situation imaginable came unexpectedly!
If only you could always experience such an impossible situation that overflows with fantasy….
It would be a “God’s send”.
But, !!!!!
Our store, GINGIRA☆TOKYO will make that dream come true.

〜A fusion of “flamboyance,” “sexiness,” and “lasciviousness”. 〜
We call this type of woman “Gingira-style”.
Flexible and slender legs
Elastic and firm buttocks
Full breasts like marshmallows.
We have women with a style that emphasizes these three major elements, making everyone want to “take her home”.

In the Sexual industry, which is overflowing with many genres, we have another new genre.
Please enjoy GINGIRA☆TOKYO, an urban club-style club.

We sincerely hope that many customers will use GINGIRA TOKYO for a long time.


For detailed fee system and course explanation, please see the page below.


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[How to contact us]
Please feel free to contact us via any messaging app, phone or email.
We also have reception staff who can speak English.