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Mention about「Tokyo Erotic Guide」,
1,000 yen OFF!
*New customers only
*All courses are OK
*Any time is OK

Website http://se-den-kiwami-yokohama.eroticguide.tokyo/(English)
Region From Shin-Yokohama to Yokohama and Kawasaki
Hours 12:00pm〜5:00am
Price 26,500 JPY / 55 min〜
Credit Cards VISA / JCB / Master Card / American Express

[A store specializing in real quick sucking, super anal licking, and cum play]
Revolution of Sexual industry! We start our time with a cock in our mouth!

・We don’t wipe off your penis at all. We specialize in sucking straight away.
We call it “real quick sucking”. We do not wipe off the penis, so please do not call us and ask, “You really wipe off the penis, don’t you?” because we don’t!

・We are a complete maniac store.
Please understand that we cannot satisfy those who have normal sexual propensities.

・Our store is completely different from the currently popular “healing” type of adult entertainment.
We are not a healing, lovemaking, or lover’s style of play at all, but rather a complete focused attack type of sexual service.

・Our store also offers cum play.
Unlike regular sexual service stores, we are very particular about post-cumming. Please refrain from coming to our store if you feel aversion to the sloppy play after the cumshot.

・Also, please understand that the continuous presence of normal people in the store will lower the morale of the girls.

・We are not satisfied with 10 or 20 seconds of anal licking at other stores.

◆Course Content◆
[Extreme Cock Course]
Of course! No wiping and no washing!
Th lady sticks out her tongue and moves from the bottom to the top slowly.
Then back again from the tip of the penis to the testicles.
Not only the penis but also the testicles
Not only touching the penis, but also visual and auditory stimulation!
The stimulating excitement will fill your head with pleasure!
Sucking you off with lewd fluid mixed with saliva and cum after a mouth-fucking!
Vacuum blowjob! No, it’s an intense blowjob!
Wiping with a tissue is outrageous! Play that continues even if you wilt or refuse!
Our store is a complete concentrated attack type of work-oriented sexual experience.

“Extreme anal licking course”
Like poking the anus with the tongue pointed
Spread your tongue wide and wrap around your anus
In addition to up, down, left and right, tongue insertion into the anus
with a combination of techniques
It feels more amazing than a blowjob! ?
Basically the anal is the part that comes out
by being let in from outside
Developed as a new stimulus! ?
The more it is developed, the more sexually
Memorized in the brain and become addictive! ?

“Agony Anal Cock Course”
Mochiron! True instant measure without wiping or washing!
Persistent anal licking!
People sometimes choose between the two
Often you have to choose
Perfect for those who are greedy
Extreme cock anal course!
Simultaneously stimulate chimpo and anus
Come and enjoy the essence of our shop!
(*Course for members only)

“Extreme 3PW Cock Course”
Customers must be completely naked while waiting.
After the woman enters the room, cock-fighting fellatio begins in seconds.
We ask customers to give Ochinkoru to the store.
It’s like competing for a cock by extreme girls
Please enjoy the raging cock torture.

“Extreme 3P Anachin Course”
Customers must be completely naked while waiting.
It attacks the cock in seconds after the woman enters the room.
We would like to ask you to make an Ochincall from the customer.
When plenty of shots are fired, head to the shower.
Sandwich wash body by extremity girls
beautiful beautiful
When I returned to the room, one person was scrambled for anal.
anal another takes a cock,
Customers are like sandwich ingredients
Play proceeds.

*Please contact us for details of the course content.

◆About options◆
※Options available for each lady are different, so please confirm the options available in advance.

◆About dispatch area◆
We can dispatch from Shin-Yokohama to all areas of Yokohama and Kawasaki.
※The dispatch fee differs depending on the area, so please check in advance.

We are a non-store type escort service service.
You can contact us by phone, LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat, or email.

Please decide the course and the lady you want and make a reservation.
If you want to add options, please ask us at the time of the reservation.
Please tell us your name, even if it is a fake name, for confirmation.

Please refrain from using public phones, hotel phones, or caller blocked calls.

■Terms and Prohibitions Regarding the Hot Photo Option
・No lighting equipment, tripods, strobes, etc.
・We will check the camera you are using when you call us.
・We will not accept any professional equipment, etc. that might make the lady uneasy and leave.
・Only one camera is allowed.
・If we discover that you have brought in a camera other than the one we confirmed on the phone, we will charge you the above fee according to the number of cameras and confiscate the data.
・The photographing must be based on the preacher’s play, such as fellatio, anal licking, cum play, and shooting scenes, etc. Intentional photographing of the female genitalia or poses that would obviously be filmed is prohibited, except in cases where the camera accidentally captures the scene during play

■Rules of Prohibited Activities
・Violent or aggressive behavior
・Extremely unsanitary persons
・Entry of members of a criminal organization or those related to one
・Entry of persons in the same business field or scouts
・Forcing the ladies to do things other than the contents of the basic play list
・Entry of someone under 18 years of age
・Forcing the ladies to go out on a date outside of the store.
・Forcing the ladies to have actual sexual
・Persons with a contagious disease, venereal disease, or genital herpes
・Any other behavior that the girls do not like.
※Please enjoy yourself with good manners.