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Mention about “Tokyo Erotic Guide”,¥1,000 OFF
*Limited to new customers
*All courses OK
*All time OK

Website http://kiwami-duma.eroticguide.tokyo/(English)
Region From Ikebukuro to Tokyo
Hours 12:00 pm – 5:00 am
Price 26,000 JPY / 65 min〜
Credit Cards

[From Ikebukuro – Delivery health specializing in married women’s care]
“Immediate measurement and immediate anal licking” This is a mania store where you can enjoy playing immediately after a woman enters the room.
*If the woman is intentionally soiled, she will be asked to take a shower at her discretion.
“Drinking semen without limit” writhes in agony as the tongue techniques unfold! Drinking semen straight from ejaculation in the mouth!
It is also possible to enter the room completely naked, so if you wish to do so, please let us know when making your reservation.

“Sake Pond Meat Forest Course”
Drown in the female body! Romantic 3P course for men!
You can also add an unlimited number of women.
Please contact us for details.

◆About options◆
*Please check in advance as availability of options differs depending on the girl.

◆About the dispatch area◆
We can dispatch from Ikebukuro to all areas of Tokyo.
*Dispatch fees vary depending on the area, so please check in advance.

Our store is a non-store delivery health service.
We are available for inquiries by phone, LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Mail.

Decide on the course and the girl you want and make a reservation.
If you would like to add this option, please let us know when making your reservation.
For confirmation, please tell us your name, even if it’s a fake name.

Please refrain from calling public phones, hotel phones, and anonymous calls.

■Terms and prohibitions regarding shooting options
・Prohibition of bringing in lighting equipment, tripods, strobes, etc.
・We will check the camera you are using when you call.
・We will decline your request if it is deemed to be professional equipment that would attract girls.
・Only one camera is allowed.
・If it is discovered that you are bringing in a camera other than the camera confirmed over the phone, you will be charged the above fee depending on the number of cameras and your data will be confiscated.
– Shooting shall be based on the missionary’s play such as fellatio, anal licking, semen play, ejaculation scenes, etc. Unless it is accidentally shown during the play, intentional shooting of female genitals or clearly shown is prohibited. Requesting or forcing poses that may be inappropriate is prohibited.

・Roughness/violent acts and forceful play
・Entry of extremely unsanitary people
・Entry of people related to organized crime groups and those affiliated with them
・Entry of fellow workers/scouts
・Forcing other than basic play
・Entry for those under 18 years of age
・Forcing a date outside the store
・Actual act and coercion
・Entry for those with infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, and true phimosis
・Other acts that girls dislike
*Please observe good manners and have fun.