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Mrs. Dandy


You can get discount by telling “I saw Tokyo Erotic Guide” for…
◆◇◆Definitely a bargain! early discount ◆◇
Guidance within the time service hours
if you make a reservation
Information at a special price!
[From 11:00 to 18:00!!]
Time-limited plan for a limited time!
Even more from the GRANDOPEN discount!
◆◇◆1,000 yen OFF◆◇◆
◆◇◆Limited Time!! Happy Time◆◇◆
Dandy Course
60 minutes 20,000 yen→16,000 yen
90 minutes 30,000 yen→26,000 yen
120 minutes 40,000 yen→36,000 yen
150 minutes 50,000 yen→46,000 yen
Special Dandy Course
60 minutes 24,000 yen→20,000 yen
90 minutes 36,000 yen→32,000 yen
120 minutes 48,000 yen→44,000 yen
150 minutes 60,000 yen→56,000 yen
180 minutes 72,000 yen → 68,000 yen
Relaxing flirting in the neighborhood
I want to play for a long time!
A must-see for those older brothers!
However, time is limited!
It may be crowded during happy time.
Please contact us as soon as possible
*This course is for new customers only.

Region Shinjuku