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If you show the screen of Tokyo Erotic Guide, you will get discount of…
45 min 18,000 JPY → 45 min 15,000 JPY
※New face only for 1 month since entering the store
※limited to a girl nominated for the first time
※Please inquire about the target girls
※For phone booking plus【1,000 JPY】
Thank you for your inquiry.
Customers who can speak Japanese can play.
Customers who can not speak Japanese are special rates.
I am looking forward to your visit.

Website https://tokyo.mxy.jp/shinbashi/(Japanese)
Address 2-8-14 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 【MAP
Hours 09:00 am – 24:00 am
Price 9,000 JPY / 30 min~
Credit Cards VISA / Master Card / American Express



The onscreen listing on 「Tokyo Erotic Guide(東京エロティックガイド)」is,
45 minutes 18,000 JPY → 45 minutes 15,000 JPY
※One month’s freshman fee for the first month of joining☆
Announce as 45 minutes【15,000 JPY】ALL TIME♪
※Limited to ladies who are nominated for the first time
※Please inquire about the ladies who are applicable
※For telephone reservations Plus【1,000 JPY】

If you are looking for young sexy ladies then here is the place!
We are a very famous store “Complete private room school store type health” Shimbashi Heisei school girls

Neat and cute · Petite · Bright · Fretful
We have various types of ladies enrolled!

As the establishment is based on the of concept of a school
Young girls are carefully selected from about 18 to 25 years old
Since there are more than 20 ladies working at the same time
You are surely to find your favorite girl!

Moreover, the number of girls enrolled in our shop boasts to be the largest in Shimbashi.
There are more than 20 ladies working each day.

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