Tsushin Bank


Mention about「Tokyo Erotic Guide」,
Referral fee 7,000 yen!

Website http://www.t-bank.jp/tokyo/
Region Ebisu
Hours 11:00 am – 22:00 pm
Price 10,000 yen~
Credit Cards Various avilable

Our store has a history of 17 years or more. It’t a traditional association club!
This store is special, and our service is pretty reasonable in girl’s service!
Feel free to utilize it!

Our staff produce a suitable girl for you!
You’ll be able to meet a girl you get a long with for a long time!

Just imagine. The time will be what you spend with a girl smiling cutely in a wonderful restaurant!!
Delicious dinner and wine will welcome you and your girl.

After dinner, it’s time to exchange your addresses as you want.
You can exchange each mail addresses or phone number without permission.
If you hope another girl, we’ll produce another good girl for you.

In this term, the producing price is 7,000 yen. It’s a price in sale.
If you want to meet many girls as you can, this will be what you like!

By the way, in the area Ebisu, there are a lot of date spots.
Of course, you can meet up your girl in another area!
Just try somewhere you hope!
Why don’t you find a sweet encounter?