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Mention about「Tokyo Erotic Guide」,
admission fee Up to 50% OFF!

Website http://www.club-versailles.com/english/index.html
Region Roppongi
Hours 12:00 pm – 20:00 pm
Price 20,000 yen~
Credit Cards Various avilable

Daily sales mail or phone calls from a brothel.
Unsatisfied feeling with just only a sexual relationship.
As in a brothel, being unwilling to have a sex with a girl who has experience with some other men a lot…
On the other,
Hoping to enjoy a sex or date with a girl, just as doing it with a real lover, without interfering private for each other.
Wishing a relationship with a girl for a long time.
Wanting to enjoy flirting with a girl…

You, who think so, please utilize our store.

Our club is managed by a production company!!

Famous pin-up girls, idle stars, celebrities,, and AV actresses!
In addition, college students, nurses, C.A.s, and female office workers… We can introduce such a girl to you.
This is a luxurious brothel having featured on mass media before.

We introduce beautiful and pure girls at high level, which is very possible to realize just because this is a luxurious brothel.

We are highly sure of how amazing our girls are!
Why don’t you try some adult relationship with an excellent woman?
A very sexy and sweet night!!

In the time you created, the best time you’ve had ever, with a girl…
Have an adult encounter here!!

In order to meet customer needs, we have prepared various courses, from normal course to VIP course.
Besides, we open a membership-only-party every month.
Please join in it and enjoy yourself.

Interview via Skype is available.
1. Via the Contact page on our homepage, or by e-mail, put a comment, “Skype Interview”, in the form/e-mail and send.
2. You get a response from us with a guide of date/time. After you receive, write down a date/time you hope and your Skype ID there. And please send us it back.
3. On the day of the interview, you get a phone call from our staff on Skype. Then, please click the video call button to start.

*Please have a voice check of the machine for Skype.
*Please ensure your Skype is log-in and on-line.