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Mention about「Tokyo Erotic Guide」!!

Website https://www.f-kagayaki.com/top.html(English)
Region All Kanto area from Shinjuku
Hours 24H
Price 23,000 JPY / 60 min~
Credit Cards VISA / JCB / Master Card / American Express / Diners / Discover Card

【Kagayaki】 is a top level establishment in Japan☆ Kagayaki Group is celebrating 10 years since it inception.

The reason why we are able to continue providing such 「Good women」?

《Interview Criteria that we don’t compromise on》

There seems to be a reputation within the industry that 「Kagayaki’s Interveiw is very hard to pass」.

From the shops point of view, there are both good and bad aspects to this reputation, but from the customer, who have come to play, point of view 「Only having high quality ladies」 is an important point when it comes to choose an establishment.

When running the establishment we keep in mind that 「If we compromise on our principles it is the

《The better the woman the more selfish》

In a sense, it is common all over the world. However, we have to attract good women.

Since we first opened, we have made our best effort to maintain a strong cast of ladies.

Recently, a standout policy is to welcome good women from all over the Kanto area and send them out again.

In order to introduce ourselves to all our customers, whether in Saitama, Ibaraki, and Gunma, we are seeking out and sourcing women from various areas.

There has been no compromise here either.

Due to these types of activities we are able to support many types of customers with our wide cast of ladies.

We can proudly say that for anyone who wants to enjoy themselves safely with a high-quality lady we ae the only choice!

Please come and visit us!

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! We promise high-quality at an affordable price available from a production managed shop.