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Lucifer TOKYO

Lucifer TOKYO


You can get discount by telling “I saw Tokyo Erotic Guide” for…
Use over 90 minutes course + one stocking option
= 4,000 yen discount from course fee

Website https://lucifer-tokyo.com/(Japanese)
Region From Gotanda to Tokyo’s 23 Wards
Hours 12:00 pm – 05:00 am
Price 25,000 yen / 60 min~

Cheat with neat and clean ladies in many different ways.

The more beautiful human beings are, the more they feel sexual desire when that harmony breaks down.

Please imagine. A beautiful girl that everyone in the city breathes,
The indecent nude body that wears pure white sheets.
Sweat from the glowing skin.
A sweet screaming voice and a glossy tongue that pants.

A pure innocent look turns into an obscene look that instigates you.

With you in that moment of lapse.

The lustful desire of a beautiful adorable woman is revealed.
Please feel the pleasure of that moment.