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Mention about「Tokyo Erotic Guide」
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Website https://mirai10.tokyo/(Japanese)
Region From Roppongi to Tokyo
Hours 10:00 am – 06:00 am
Price 37,000 JPY / 60 min〜
Credit Cards VISA / JCB / Master Card / American Express

〜 Only the Gentlest and Purest Ladies 〜
At ‘MIRAI TOKYO,’ we carefully select only gentle and pure ladies.
Thank you for choosing MIRAI TOKYO.
We aim to provide a sense of “healing” for our customers, primarily those in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, who work diligently every day, and ensure they can use our services with peace of mind.
Currently, the escort market can be broadly categorized into “budget shops,” “popular shops,” “mid-range shops,” and “luxury shops.” We estimate that “luxury shops” account for about 3% of the total. However, recently, there have been unbelievable incidents such as ladies arriving who look different from their photos, service quality not matching the luxury standards, and poor phone etiquette.
— Providing Exceptional Service by Truly Beautiful Girls —
As a luxury escort establishment, it is natural for us to provide the expected level of service. However, we firmly believe that true “healing” and “vitality” are only achieved when we exceed our customers’ expectations with our services.
Indeed, it’s not just about offering intensive services or employing advanced techniques. What’s most important is the connection between the ladies and our clients, as well as the genuine desire to provide comfort from the heart.
Through our unique acquisition routes developed over years of operation, we can continuously introduce ladies from various fields such as ‘real’ AV actresses, gravure idols, fashion models, idols, actresses, and other talents.
Furthermore, we have many ladies on our roster who possess sophisticated looks that would make heads turn as they walk down the street, including regular office workers, college students with beauty pageant experience, and women who work in lounges.
Our hiring criteria are among the strictest in the industry, and we evaluate candidates based on meticulously defined criteria. We will guide you to select only the best ladies with a genuinely pure and customer-oriented attitude, so please rest assured when using our services.
We are committed to arranging special ladies who match your preferences and hobbies, so please feel free to let us know your requests when you call.
We greatly appreciate the feedback and encouragement we receive from our customers on a daily basis, and we believe that sincerely accepting them is key to our growth. By filling out our questionnaire form, you can receive discounts or valuable information for your next visit, so we kindly ask for your honest opinions.
We are determined to become an establishment that will be loved and cherished for a long time, so we sincerely appreciate your continued patronage.
With a customer-first approach and a spirit of hospitality, we are committed to operating for many years to come. Thank you for your unwavering support.